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"only when playing man is free"

by Friedrich Schiller

My works of art are a reflection of my life. Having lived in different cities and cultures around the globe has allowed me to explore and discover new worlds and at the same time to perceive my own personal world from a different perspective. These experiences have inspired me and have influenced my art. The power of nature in her different aspects, the rhythms and flux of existence, the transient and fugitive play a great part in it.

Some of my paintings generate from emotion and intuition and are an expression of energy and of joy of life; I love the radiance and the dynamics of colour and movement.

Experiment and spontaneity are important to me. Sometimes I have an idea or a topic in mind which leaves room for change and experiments, some things can just happen spontaneously in the process of working.

In addition to painting, which has been the main focus of my work, collages, screen-printing and etching allow me to explore new techniques and different ways to express myself. I estabish new connections or renew lost ones and create new networks in visual reality.

In 2015 I discovered the technique of Woodcut and took part in a workshop given by the Senegalese artist Abdou Diatta.